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Copper Garage Doors

Individuality Finds a Home in this Garage Door.

Martin’s Copper model draws on the beauty of pure copper in traditional garage door designs. This enduring metal is perfect to create a beautiful, one-of-a-kind home. With time, the copper door will naturally develop into different patina hues to give an enduring look.

Panel Styles

99.9% Copper metal.


Installed with new copper, and in time, the copper door will naturally patina.


Add insulation with steel-backing for durability and minimal upkeep.


Includes roller, track and accessories for a strong and lasting door system.


Available in acrylic or tempered glass and in Classic or Steel-Framed windows. (The window frames will be made with copper material).

Windows Tint

Windows Laminate

Optional Insulated glass is available for increased energy efficiency.