Most home-owners try to do the garage door repairs themselves. There are mainly five simple, but important factors that need to be checked before you call a garage door repair professional. Few of the repairs are very easy. An example is the case of squeaky or stiff garage door, which merely needs just good cleaning followed by lubrication. However, if the torsion springs are damaged, it's very dangerous to repair it yourself and you need to call a garage door repair service company, such as Intermountain Doors.

Before you move forward with the repair of your American Fork garage door, you need to be sure that your garage door's opener is unplugged. This will prevent you from suffering an electric shock while repairing your garage door. It is very important to take safety measures and avoid any unexpected injury. Make sure there is no risk for an electric shock and wear safety glasses whenever you are using power tools.

Before you call a Payson Utah garage door installation and repair professional, here are some things you can check:

  • First, look carefully for any damages on the metal tracks. This is a common and easy to fix problem on your garage doors. Metal tracks may have bumps, dents and debris, but you can try to adjust any part of the track that is not smooth using a rubber mallet. If the metal tracks are badly damaged, then it's probably time to call a garage door professional and have them replaced.
  • You may also check the track alignment. If they are not aligned properly, your garage door won't work. There is no need to unscrew tracks always, but you may loosen screws or bolts and then tap slightly the tracks so that they are into right position. You can use a level to check the track alignment.
  • Thoroughly clean the tracks and remove any hardened lubricant, dirt and any other sticky or slick substance. You can use regular cleaners to clean your garage door tracks, and remember to lubricate rollers and tracks for a proper functioning. This can easily fix few simple issues effortlessly. For a good lubrication you can use a silicon spray or lubricant spray. However, lubrication should to be preceded by good cleaning.
  • In time, you might notice that your garage door's screws and bolts tend to be looser. You must check all bolts and screws associated or used in the mechanism of opening and closing your garage door. Sometimes, this tightening procedure can help you solve the entire issue. The holes, if any, can be filled using normal wood pieces or wood filler.